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We Are One Of The Oldest Manufacturer And Exporter Of Paints From India. SR Paint Automotive Is Trusted Name In Paints Since 1945. We Are Offering All Kinds Of Decorative Paints, Industrial Paints, Automotive Paints Wood Coatings And Construction Chemicals. We Are Having State Of The Art Manufacturing Plant. We Are Providing Best Quality Products At Competitive Prices. Currently We Are Exgorting Paints In Several East & West African & Latin American Countries. Our Product Range Is As Follow.

We are pleased to introduce SR Automotive Paints as a leading company offering complete paint related solutions to Automotive and Industrial Segment and has operations throughout India. We mainly deal in paints and allied products on apply & supply basis and also provide technical assistance for the same. These products are in compliance with international quality standards laid down by SR Automotive Paints.

Trusted Suppliers

In-house research and continuous scientific development are inevitable aspects
of the emergence of new products with the latest technology. It provides best-in-
class products prepared by using the latest technology. The company offers
various products in various categories, including wood coating, automotive
refinish, industrial and high-performance coatings, decorative, and other
specialized coatings.

The company firmly believes that such rapid development is largely attained by the most valued clients for patronizing our company’s products, our employees’ hard work, and the extraordinary support of our well-wishers.

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